MarTech Savings

60% MarTech savings using centralization strategies


The Client sought our help to analyze spend in marketing technologies to determine cost cutting and savings opportunities as well as define a MarTech centralization strategy.


Limited visibility and governance around marketing technology spend across brands produced a decentralized MarTech ecosystem resulting in inflated spend and negative technology experience for internal teams, brokerages, and agents.

Project Approach

We first gathered data around technology spend, available KPIs, and marketing technologies used across brands, and leveraged that available data to understand technology versus services spend to inform of the current MarTech strategy. We built the technology architecture perspective across brands identifying overlapping technologies as well as performing a gap analysis on missing MarTech features.

We then conducted interviews with procurement and across each brands’ organization from associates through executives to understand agents’ needs, marketing initiatives, organization expectations, and technology demands.  We aggregated the knowledge gained through interviews with the data analysis results to build a comprehensive view of MarTech’s current-state and future needs.

Recommendations were developed to define industry driven KPIs, enforce stricter governance for MarTech investments, centralization of marketing technology stack, and optimize organizational structure to enhance the marketing support for internal teams as well as agents across the globe.

Finally, we formulated a comprehensive business case to articulate MarTech current-state, recommended future state, and a tactical strategy to achieve results and realize cost savings.  We executed communication change management initiatives to ensure all brands and levels of leadership were included and aware of recommendations to optimize buy-in from key stakeholders and executives.